April 16, 2024

Vocal Point-Dr. Timothy Jennings

Topic: Meditation: Eastern vs. Biblical

Timothy Jennings, M.D., has written a new monograph (a short book) entitled, Meditation: Biblical Method Versus Eastern Method. The book describes itself as “A Guide to a Bible-based Experience with God.” Dr. Jennings knows a great deal about the brain and the ways any kind of meditation impact it. But there is a big difference, he notes, in Eastern versus Biblical. He notes, “Eastern meditation results in an increased sense of emotional peace, the calming of fear circuits with subsequent lower heart rate, blood pressure, and sense of anxiety, but also in decreased genuine spiritual insight…and in a false sense that all is well with the self despite remaining in a spiritually terminal condition.” [Emphasis added]. Dr. Timothy Jennings joins Jerry Newcombe on Vocal Point to contrast Biblical versus Eastern meditation. www.comeandreason.com