May 21, 2024

Vocal Point-Emily Osment

Topic: The Right to Life of the Declaration of Independence Versus Today’s Left.

Our Declaration of Independence explains why we became a nation some 250 years ago. It says God has endowed us with our rights, and one of government’s duties is to not interfere with those rights. But in this country, the abortion ethic has undermined the right to life in the last five decades. Today, there are some politicians and their allies in the media who view abortion as among the most sacred of rights. Not the right to life, which is in the Declaration of Independence, but the right to abortion. Susan B. Anthony Pro-Life America is an organization that opposes the abortion agenda. E. V. Osment, Vice President of Communications for Susan B. Anthony Pro-Live America, joins Jerry Newcombe to discuss the right to life and pro-abortion forces.