Vocal Point-Gary DeMar

Topic: Christian Worldview and Movies.

There are many classic movies that are pro-America, and many modern movies that tear America down. Christian author Gary DeMar writes, “Movies are a self-contained world. The writers and producers make the rules and the circumstances for the worlds they create. Most often though, films use the assumed order of the natural world and don’t attempt to re-write reality for the viewer. Films either reinforce the real world or they rebel against it. Either way, they provide a great way to think through worldview issues and their consequences.” Here are two articles by him on classic, commendable movies, here and here. Gary DeMar, an author of 35+ books and the founding president of American Vision, believes that in particular many “classic movies are excellent teaching tools for a Christian worldview—for children and adults.” Gary DeMar joins Jerry Newcombe to discuss movies, particularly classics, on the worldview lessons, including classics with a patriotic theme. www.americanvision.org