Vocal Point-Gary Goldman

Topic: QAnon and the Republican Party

At this moment, the Trump Impeachment II begins in the Senate. Some on the left are saying that, because of Trump’s influence, there is a crazy factor taking over the Republican Party right now. We saw their influence on January 6, when the Capitol was breach ostensibly by Trump supporters. Gary Goldman is a conservative radio commentator in New England and is the author of the book, My Big Mouth And The Ugly Truth: Taking the Stress out of Opinions VS Facts. He notes, “There’s a big push right now among corporate media, Democrats, and NeverTrumpers to establish a narrative that the Republican Party is being torn apart in a bitter civil war between its establishment wing and its supposed QAnon wing. It’s about as true as your garden-variety QAnon conspiracy theory, but it’s politically useful, which is why you’re seeing it crop up all over the media right now.” Gary Goldman joins Jerry Newcombe on Vocal Point to discuss these things. www.garyonbpl.com

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