Vocal Point-George Grant

Topic: The Nashville Tragedy.

George Grant, Christian educator and pastor based in the Nashville area, wrote about the recent shooting at a Christian school on March 27, 2023 in an article, entitled “Light to Dispel Darkness”: “Our worst fears were realized. A disturbed young woman armed with assault weapons and seething hate shot her way into the well-secured building and proceeded to take the lives of three 9-year-old students and three adults before the Nashville Metro Police were forced to stop the assailant with lethal force. One of the victims was the daughter of Pastor Scruggs ….Just hours after the shooting, Pastor Scruggs spoke of his beloved daughter Hallie, expressing both the hope and the comfort of the Gospel, ‘Through tears we trust that she is in the arms of Jesus who will raise her to life once again.’” George Grant joins Jerry Newcombe to discuss this tragedy. www.georgegrant.net