Vocal Point-Greg Wrightstone

Topic: Climate Change Alarmists on a Major Drought

The climate change alarmists reported recently on what they called, the “Worst drought in 1,200 years.” Earth scientist and author Greg Wrightstone does not believe in climate change alarmism—that is, that man-made global warming/climate change is ruining the planet. Wrightstone asks of this story: Is I mega drought or is it mega propaganda. He also addresses the claim that Antarctica is “melting fast.” He states, “Except that 90% of the continent sees ice increasing, while the ice loss area is located above the most volcanically active region in the world.” Wrightstone wrote a book filled with facts and pictures and graphs, called Inconvenient Facts: The science that Al Gore doesn’t want you to know. Greg Wrightstone joins Jerry Newcombe on Vocal Point to discuss these things and the similarity in those who are climate change alarmists and those who view the pandemic is virtually the end of the world.


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