Vocal Point-Jane Hampton Cook

Topic: Teaching Appreciation of America to the Next Generation.

A recent poll found that only 38% of those surveyed said patriotism was very important to them. These numbers were down significantly from 1998, when 70% deemed patriotism to be very important. Similarly, in May 2023, the Fox News Channel asked historian and author Jane Hampton Cook to comment on a U.S. Department of Education statistic that only 13 percent of 8th graders are proficient in American history. Meanwhile, Jane Hampton Cook is doing her part to help young Americans rediscover our history and how exciting it is. She has just recently released a series of patriotic children’s books, called “Revolutionary Readers for America’s 250th.” Jane Hampton Cook has worked in the White House and written books for adults as well. Historian Jane Hampton Cook joins Jerry Newcombe to discuss teaching appreciation of America to the next generation. www.janecook.com