Vocal Point-Jenn Tarbell

Topic: Homeschooling (and Microfinance) 

Because of the pandemic, homeschooling appears to be exploding. Publicist Don Otis writes, “U.S. Census Bureau is reporting households homeschooling their children rose by 11% by September 2020, more than doubling from the 5.4% just six months earlier. A stunning development is that Black households jumped from 3.3% to a whopping 16.1% rate.” An advocate of homeschooling is Jenn Tarbell, author of the book, $4.83: The Cost to Impact a Child for a Year. She has a great deal of experience with Christian-oriented ministries involved in microfinancing, providing small loans (at low interest rates) to motivated people in the Third World to give them a hand up in their business. The reason for providing loans (as opposed to just an outright gift) is that the loan recipient has “skin in the game” for their business to succeed. Jenn Tarbell joins Jerry Newcombe to discuss this and the data on homeschooling growth. www.483.fund