Vocal Point-Jim Harden

Topic: Double Standards by DOJ Re Pro-Lifers.

The Federalist (10/19/22) reports: “The FBI Has Announced Indictments Of 22 Pro-Life Protesters And Zero Pregnancy Center Firebombers.” Meanwhile, respected pro-life leader, James Harden writes of a recent development where several congressmen, including Ted Cruz, are trying to petition the FBI to consider this double standard and rectify it. Jim Harden is the president of Compass Care, a pro-life group where their crisis pregnancy center in the Buffalo, New York area was firebombed. Jim Harden joins Jerry Newcombe to discuss this double-standard. www.compasscare.info For example, just consider these 2 headlines:

After 160 Attacks on Churches and Pregnancy Centers, FBI Hasn’t Arrested a Single Person

FBI Has Indicted 22 Peaceful Pro-Life Advocates, 0 Radical Leftists Who Firebombed Churches and Pregnancy Centers