April 16, 2024

Vocal Point-John Eidsmoe

Topic: Rev. John Witherspoon.

A classic book on the Christian roots of America was first released in 1987 by law professor John Eidsmoe, entitled, Christianity and the Constitution. The book contains some great content showing that the Bible played a key role in the creation of our governing document. In the book there are several mini-biographies. One of those is of Rev. John Witherspoon, the president of Princeton. Witherspoon was a signer of the Declaration of Independence. However, he was not there when the founding fathers wrote the Constitution. But, as John Eidsmoe points out, Witherspoon trained many of the delegates of the Constitutional Convention in Biblical principles—chief among them was James Madison, a key architect of the Constitution.

John Eidsmoe joins Jerry Newcombe to discuss Rev. John Witherspoon and his impact on American liberty. www.morallaw.org