Vocal Point-Johnnie Moore

“We are seeing 1st century persecution in the 21st century and the Pope agrees and says there are more Christian martyrs today than at any point throughout Christian history.” So notes bestselling author Johnnie Moore, who wrote Defying Isis and the just-released The Martyrs Oath (Tyndale). Johnnie’s book on ISIS helped raise $25 million to assist persecuted Christians. Johnnie if the founder of the Kairos company. He said to me in an email: “KAIROS and CHRONOS are words for time in Greek.  CHRONOS is the ticking by of time. KAIROS is the intersection of TIME and OPPORTUNITY. When I founded my public relations and communications firm, I decided that KAIROS was a perfect way of describing the news. It is the right message at the right moment.” Speaking the truth about the persecuted church around the world is indeed the right message at the right moment. Johnnie Moore joins Jerry Newcombe on Vocal Point to discuss the persecuted church.  www.martyrsoath.com