Vocal Point-Judge Darrell White

Topic: Oaths and Our Christian Heritage.

“An oath is a solemn affirmation that is an appeal to God for the truth of that which is affirmed and an imprecation of God’s vengeance on oath breakers.” So says Semi-retired Judge Darrell White. He adds, “In other words, if I give an oath and/or if I give a vow, I do this before Almighty God and I recognize, imprecate, and call forth the vengeance of God if what I say is untrue.” George Washington said in his Farewell Address that if we undermine religion, we’ll be undermining the sanctity of oaths. Judge Darrell White, the founder of Retired Judges of America, joins Jerry Newcombe to discuss the importance of oaths and how they are a reminder of our nation’s Judeo-Christian roots. www.ajatoday.com