Vocal Point-Kayla Toney

Topic: Religious Liberty at Risk.

America for the most part was founded by Christians for religious liberty, which they then extended to people of other faiths or no faith. But today, because of an anti-Christian bias and misunderstanding of the Constitution, we find that often Christians or Christian viewpoints are being discriminated against in the public square. In the state of Washington, Creekside Elementary School allows students to have their gay pride club. But they won’t allow Christian children, including a fifth-grader, to have their prayer and community service club. First Liberty Institute, a group that fights for religious liberty, is now getting involved in this case and is arguing that rejecting the student prayer club demonstrates clear hostility towards religion. First Liberty attorney Kayla Toney, who represents the fifth-grader and other Christian students who want to have the prayer club, joins Jerry Newcombe to discuss this important religious liberty case. www.firstliberty.org

Thankfully, because of pressure from First Liberty, since the time this was recorded, the school backtracked on its anti-religious policy.