Vocal Point-Luke Goodrich

Topic: Religious Liberty in America

Is religious freedom at risk in America today? A new book, which has already won awards, is Free to Believe. The author is Luke Goodrich. He joined The Becket Fund, which fights for religious liberty for all (regardless of faith). Goodrich has served Becket as legal counsel in 2008. Becket writes, “Since then, he has represented religious organizations and individuals in a wide array of religious liberty disputes at both the trial and appellate level, including cases brought under the Free Exercise Clause, Establishment Clause, Free Speech Clause, and major civil rights statutes.” Goodrich went to Wheaton College and the University of Chicago Law School. He even teaches constitutional law in his “copious free time” (to borrow a quote from Tom Lehrer). Luke Goodrich joins Jerry Newcombe on Vocal Point to discuss his book and the topic of threats to religious freedom in our time. www.becketlaw.org

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