Vocal Point-Mark Burrell

Topic: Restoring America.

Publius PR writes, “America is in decline. What is the cause, and what must be done to re-establish our founding principles? One cannot understand the full intent behind the American founding unless they understand the biblical principles that informed it.” A new book sets out to help us reestablish America’s Christian roots. It’s called Rediscovering the American Covenant: Roadmap to Restore America, and is written by Mark Burrell. A description of the book notes, “Mark Burrell’s Rediscovering the American Covenant provides fresh light on biblical principles for civil government and the citizenship duty all Christians have in the communities in which they live. These principles are extracted empirically from the Bible, showing how they informed the actions of the founders in 1776, thus establishing our national covenant. The simple, yet critical blueprint they followed is described—the same blueprint needed today to restore America’s founding principles.” Mark Burrell joins Jerry Newcombe to discuss America’s founding principles and restoring America. www.defendamericanliberty.com