May 18, 2024

Vocal Point-Marshall Foster

Topic: America’s Christian Heritage

A new book out documents what can be found over in America’s founding charters—our rich Judeo-Christian heritage. (For example, Yale University has the Avalon Project, where you can see for yourself how God and the Christian faith played a key role in the settling and founding of the nation: Now comes a new book from Nordskog Publishing documenting our heritage even further. By way of full disclosure: Jerry Newcombe is grateful that he has had 2 books published by Nordskog. The publisher says of the new book: “For every one who has a passion and concern for America and its future, Nordskog Publishing’s powerful new book Land That I Love: Restoring Our Christian Heritage by Bobbie Ames carries an important message with answers for action.” Marshall Foster, who has been teaching on the importance of our heritage for more than four decades, speaks on behalf of the author about her new book. (You may recall him if you saw Kirk Cameron’s movie, MONUMENTAL.) Marshall Foster joins Jerry Newcombe to discuss America, “land that I love.”