February 29, 2024

Vocal Point-Mat Staver

The Southern Poverty Law Center continues to inflict damage on America’s soul, argues one of America’s great attorneys, Mat Staver, who founded and directs Liberty Counsel, which is dedicated to preserving our religious liberties. In 1971, when the SPLC was founded, at the tail end of the civil rights movement, its goal was to hamstring the KKK and hate groups like it. The SPLC succeeded, but later the self-appointed “hate” watch dog group turned its sites on legitimate Christian ministries—if they dared to be faithful to the Bible, e.g., to claim that homosexuality was a sin or that same-sex marriage is not real in the eyes of God or that abortion is wrong. The SPLC is listened to by groups like Amazon (for their charity program) and social media giants, like Twitter or Google or Facebook. Thus, Christian ministries are brandished as alleged “haters.” Mat Staver joins Jerry Newcombe to discuss the SPLC. www.lc.org