Vocal Point-Matt Gore

Topic: Porn-free Internet Recorded: 9/13/21

“Think of a smartphone as a car. They’re both amazing tools that we want our kids to use freely and responsibly. But they can also be dangerous, so parents need to be actively involved in teaching their kids how to use them wisely.” So says Matt Gore, Matt is the Director of Engagement at Canopy, a digital parenting app, that is geared toward protecting people from pornography on the internet. That includes parents, children, teenagers, etc. Gore points out, “Parents spend time teaching their kids how to drive before they give them the keys. And even after a teenager can drive, parents still set use commonsense things like curfews and seatbelts to keep kids safe.” Matt Gore joins Jerry Newcombe to explain Canopy, which they describe as “ a better way to block pornography.” www.canopy.us


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