Vocal Point-Max McLean

Topic: Atheist Becomes a Renowned Christian.

America’s founders said our rights come from God. And yet many of the intellectual elites in the West (including in America) in the last century or so have abandoned belief in the Creator. One of these atheists ended up rethinking his position, becoming a Christian, and perhaps the single greatest Christian writer of the 20th century—C. S. Lewis. And now comes a powerful motion picture telling his story. Filmed on location in Oxford and 17 other locations, renowned actor Max McLean plays the older C. S. Lewis, who narrates his conversion story. The movie is based on Lewis’ own writings, including Surprised by Joy and Mere Christianity. The movie is called The Most Reluctant Convert: The Untold Story of C.S. Lewis. In the words of Lewis, against his natural inclinations, he finally “admitted that God was God, knelt and prayed, perhaps the most dejected, reluctant convert in all England.” Max McLean joins Jerry Newcombe to discuss this the conversion of C. S. Lewis and this movie, which is bound to become a classic. Note: the movie premieres November 3rd, so be sure to secure your tickets now at www.cslewismovie.com

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