Vocal Point-Micaiah Bilger

Topic: Joe Biden and Communion

Does a church get to set its own standards of right and wrong? Or does the government get the right to intervene if the church rules are politically incorrect? Joe Biden is often described as a “devout Catholic.” But he is more pro-abortion than any president up to the present. At this point, he never met an abortion he didn’t like. Leaders in the Catholic Church by-and-large are saying he should not receive communion because of his actions. But he defies them, acting like a “cafeteria Catholic.” “I’ll take this part of the Church’s teaching, but not that part.” Meanwhile, there are some on the left accusing the Church of politicizing communion. Discussing this controversy with Jerry Newcombe on Vocal Point is Micaiah Bilger, a frequent writer for lifenews.com. www.lifenews.com

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