Vocal Point-Micaiah Bilger

Abortion is constantly in the news. Micaiah Bilger files many reports for lifenews.com, including a recent article about a failed attempt by a Satanist group to try and derail a common sense pro-life law. A Satanic Temple in Missouri filed a lawsuit against a law in the “Shoe Me State,” requiring informed consent in advance of an abortion. The state Supreme Court dismissed the suit. This recent attempt is part of a larger picture of Satanists all around the country actively opposing pro-life activities—especially outside of abortion clinics. Bilger notes, “Breitbart once described the Satanic Temple’s actions as a ‘pro-abortion crusade to come to the aid of America’s largest abortion provider,’ Planned Parenthood.” Micaiah Bilger joins Jerry Newcombe for a pro-life update, including this recent story out of Missouri. www.lifenews.com

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