Vocal Point-Michael Johnson

Topic: Christ Over Covid

Russia is beginning to have more reported cases of coronavirus than is China. One Christian organization working in the former Soviet Union is the Slavic Gospel Association, based in the Chicago area. The SGA was founded in 1934 by Peter Deyneka, and it continues to promote the Gospel to Russia and other parts of the former USSR. The SGA has launched a new campaign to spread the gospel and provide medical and physical assistance (like food and clothing) to those in need in that large region, with 11 time zones and 290 million people. Michael Johnson is the president of the SGA. He reports, “People in the villages are saying, ‘only your church helps us’….Right now, God is using COVID-19 to open hearts like nothing we’ve seen since the fall of the Iron Curtain.” Michael Johnson joins Jerry Newcombe to discuss “Christ Over Covid.”


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