Vocal Point-Paul Jonna

Topics:  Mandatory Prayers to Aztec Gods in California Schools

The First Amendment was used in the 1960s to expel prayer from the public schools. But recently the California state legislature passed a new curriculum for California’s public schools that will mandate the children to recite prayers to Aztec Deities. As I once wrote about this: In California’s schools, Jesus is out, but prayers to an Aztec deity that demands human sacrifice is in. Paul Jonna and the Thomas More Society are fighting back. They sent a letter to the Superintendent of Public Instruction; the letter was unanswered. So they have now filed a lawsuit. Jonna states, “The Aztecs regularly performed gruesome and horrific acts for the sole purpose of pacifying and appeasing the very beings that the prayers from the curriculum invoke.”

Attorney Paul Jonna, special counsel for Thomas More Society and partner at LiMandri & Jonna LLP, joins Jerry Newcombe on Vocal Point to discuss this controversy. www.thomasmoresociety.org


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