May 21, 2024

Vocal Point-Paul Kengor

Topic: Communism vs. God-given Rights—Whittaker Chambers.

America’s founders said that our rights come from God. In contrast, the Soviets said there is no God. And they set out dominate the world. In fact, during most of the 20th century, the whole world was gripped in the struggle, sometimes hot, mostly cold, of the cold war—mainly between these two ideologies, although today’s elites on the American side are often practical atheists themselves. In the 1950s there appeared an amazing book written by a former Communist-sympathizer who became a Christian. The book was called WITNESS, and it was written by Whittaker Chambers, who used to have a major position with TIME magazine. Dr. Paul Kengor is an historian and a best-selling author, and he writes many articles. He wrote a column several months ago on the importance of Whittaker Chambers and his book WITNESS to the US vs. USSR debate. Dr. Paul Kengor, professor of history and political science at Grove City College, joins Jerry Newcombe to discuss communism vs. God-given rights and specifically the insights of a former Communist, Whittaker Chambers.