Vocal Point-Rabbi Daniel Lapin

Topic: Whoopi Goldberg and the Holocaust.

Whoopi Goldberg got in trouble last week for getting a major aspect of it wrong. On January 31’s edition of “The View,” Goldberg said that the Holocaust was not about race. I wrote my weekly column about this recently. I asked Rabbi Daniel Lapin, President of the American Alliance of Jews and Christians, for a statement on this story. He told me that he disagrees with her often, but does not agree with the suspension: “Stuffing a gag into people’s mouths and trying to harm their careers doesn’t win the argument. It actually prolongs it by breeding anger and resentment.” He added, “By the time the left has silenced the right and the other way around, and by the time secular and religious have silenced one another and by the time blacks and whites have silenced one another, we’ll all be living in a dull, silent, monotonous and resentful world.” Rabbi Daniel Lapin joins Jerry Newcombe to discuss the issue, including the big problem of cancel culture. www.rabbidaniellapin.com