Vocal Point-Rabbi Daniel Lapin

Topic: Our Lurch Toward Socialism.

The United States of America has greatly prospered because of God’s blessings and the fact that the settlers and the founders of this nation eschewed socialism and instead embraced private property and free enterprise. Rabbi Daniel Lapin writes, “Why is Switzerland a nicer place to live than Somalia? In exchange for power and prestige, Socialistic politicians promise gullible voters all the advantages of prosperity and progress with none of the costs. Socialism is a more dangerous and virulent virus than covid was. Socialism, oops, sorry, Progressivism seduces low-character people by offering them a moral framework that legitimizes their living off the work of other people. Take an adult look at the Bible. Socialism sanctimoniously sanitizes theft.” Rabbi Daniel Lapin, President of the American Alliance of Jews and Christians, joins Jerry Newcombe to discuss our lurch toward socialism. www.rabbidaniellapin.com