Vocal Point-Robert Spencer

US Congresswoman Rahsida Tlaib from Michigan is the second Muslim woman elected to the House of Representatives—the other being Ilhan Omar of Minnesota, also elected in November 2018. Robert Spencer, a bestselling author on radical Islam, maintains the website of www.jihadwatch.org. Spencer has written many New York Times bestselling books on Islam. One of his 19 books is The Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam. Prior to winning her congressional seat, Rep. Tlaib has been arrested in a protest, and she is the one who said the night she was sworn in that her top priority was to impeach the president, and she used colorful language in describing him. Both Tlaib and Omar made news (again) recently when they were disallowed by Israel to attend a radical conference there. Spencer noted: “The sponsors of the Tlaib/Omar junket to ‘Palestine’ (nowhere in their planned itinerary did they mention visiting ‘Israel’) have been linked to anti-Semitism and jihad terrorism. [Tlaib and Omar] had nothing to say about that.” Robert Spencer joins Jerry Newcombe to talk about Rep. Rashida Tlaib. www.jihadwatch.org

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