Vocal Point-Sam Sorbo

Topic: Home Schooling and the Coronavirus

Millions of Americans are being forced to try and teach their children at home, as best they can. The coronavirus has shut down the schools. How does a parent that has never dealt with homeschooling even begin? Sam Sorbo is an actress (she and her husband, Kevin “God’s Not Dead” Sorbo, even made the movie together, “Let There Be Light”), radio talk host, and author. She is also a homeschooling mom and has been for years now. Matthew Faraci writes about her and a new effort she is a spokesperson for: “A group in Texas just launched this emergency website with free daily lesson plans for parents at home. It’s called Coronavirus Home Schooling…They’re rolling out more emergency relief as fast as they can by adding more SOS lesson plans every single day.” From now through the end of the month (April 2020), all of these resources “from soup to nuts” are available online for free. Sam Sorbo joins Jerry Newcombe on Vocal Point to discuss Homeschooling 101. www.coronavirushomeschooling.com

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