Vocal Point-Scott Powell

Topic: Globalist Designs for America.

The founders of America articulated a vision of freedom for this nation because we have God-given rights. But there are powerful forces today who want to impose a globalist design on this nation. If that happened, we would have to kiss our freedoms goodbye. Author Scott Powell wrote about this recently. He notes, “They want you demoralized. They want you divided. They want to control you. They want you dead. Unbelievable and troubling as this is, those who care about life and want the next generations to have the freedom and opportunities that Americans have traditionally enjoyed need to understand who ‘they’ are, what ‘they’ are about, and how ‘they’ operate to bring about global tyranny.” Scott Powell has written a book on our nation’s Christian roots. It’s called Rediscovering America. Scott Powell, a writer with the Discovery Institute, joins Jerry Newcombe to discuss globalist designs for America. www.rediscoveringamerica.net