Vocal Point-Stephen Black

Topic: Freedom from Homosexuality. An upcoming conference, “God’s Voice”

There was a “Christian” conference recently in St. Louis called “Revoice.” Was the idea to essentially declare that one could be a practicing homosexual or lesbian and still be a devout Christian, without repentance? Some ex-gays, including Stephen Black of Freedom Realized, are putting together a conference in February, to counteract that notion—with biblical truth and love.

They note: “GOD’S VOICE will bring biblical clarity to the recent confusion surrounding the issues of ‘re-voiced’ sexuality and ‘LGBTQ+ Christians.’ GOD’S VOICE will present a biblical response to the queering of the church of Jesus Christ, in an effort to teach, strengthen and encourage believers and Christian leaders across all denominations to stand on the inerrant, unchanging and life-transforming power of the Word of God. What the church needs now is GOD’S VOICE!” Stephen Black joins Jerry Newcombe to discuss the controversy.

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