Vocal Point-Steve Cortes

The national fight over border security continues. Steve Cortes is a political conservative commentator with CNN. A month ago, he was the pundit talking while his opponent was seen filing her nails, presumably to cavalierly dismiss the point he was making. It can be seen here. This is the clip making the rounds, in which fellow CNN commentator Ana Navarro files her nails—while Steve Cortes is talking about a legal immigrant being murdered in America by an illegal immigrant. (The clip with the nail-filing is about 9:42 in.) Recently, Steve Cortes wrote a piece for realclearpolitics.com, called “Make Media Great Again,” in which he states: “MAGA hats are not KKK hoods, and supporting ‘America First’ policies does not equate to Nazism. It is imperative in these polarized times that the press regain trust by reining-in systemic bias and reclaiming the honorable role of journalists as truth-seekers, first and foremost.” Steve Cortes joins Jerry Newcombe to discuss the media and Trump and the border issue. @cortessteve

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