May 21, 2024

Vocal Point-Steve Mosher

Topic: The Threat from Red China.

During the founding era, a common phrase in the writings of sources of importance to the framers of America, was “life, liberty, and property.” You can find this phrase in the writings of Sir William Blackstone and John Locke. Property rights are important because if you can’t own your own property, you would essentially be a slave to the government. Fast forward to today, and we see how China under Communist leader Xi is trying to bring back China to more full-blown communistic policies than some of his predecessors. Xi is trying to emulate Chairman Mao. Incidentally, Mao was probably the single-worst mass murderer in the history of humanity—-killing his own people no less. Steven Mosher is an American social scientist, a pro-life activist, and an author. His most recent book is called The Devil and Communist China. The New York Post just excerpted a portion of this book in an article, to which we’ll link. Steven Mosher, founder of Population Research Institute, joins Jerry Newcombe to discuss China today.