Vocal Point-Ted Baehr

Topic: Bad Faith on the Silver Screen.

Did the founders create America as one nation under God or did they expect that Christian ideas have no place in the public arena? A recent film seems to promote the latter idea—that America suffers from Christian influence in the public square. Recently, MOVIGUIDE, which provides a Biblical perspective on the movies warns about this film, noting, QUOTE “BAD FAITH is a propaganda documentary from the Religious Left, written and directed by a small-time movie producer who happens to be a film and television professor at a Catholic college in Los Angeles. The movie accuses Evangelical Christian conservatives and Republican Christians, from the 1980s to the present day, of waging a racist war against ‘American Democracy.’ The movie uses leftist, progressive pundits, professors, authors, journalists, and activists to make its claims.” Dr. Ted Baehr, the founder and publisher of MOVIEGUIDE joins Jerry Newcombe to discuss this new film. www.movieguide.org