Vocal Point-Teresa Tomeo

Topic: How Faith Can Get Us Through the Covid-19 Crisis [Recorded 5/1/20]

As we all do our best to cope with the coronavirus crisis, a new book promotes a faith-based approach to deal with it. Teresa Tomeo is an author, talk host, motivational speaker, as well as a former TV reporter and anchor. She has written a new book, entitled, Conquering Coronavirus, How Faith Can Put Your Fears to Rest. Sophia Press, the publisher, notes that the book includes:

  • Inspiring true-life narratives of selfless souls — healthcare workers and other public servants — on the frontlines of the battle against the virus
  • Powerful quotes from Scripture that provide guidance and hope for such times, and welcome consolation for our losses
  • Creative ways to respond at home and elsewhere to the limitations the virus has imposed on your days and ways, and to the invitation from God that is implicit in each of those limitations.

Teresa Tomeo joins Jerry Newcombe on Vocal Point to discuss “conquering coronavirus.” www.teresatomeo.com

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