Vocal Point-Terry Schilling

Topic: Transgender and Women’s Athletics [recorded 3/2/20]

Should biological males who identify as females be allowed to compete against biological females—when there are costly scholarships at stake? Recently, the Alliance Defending Freedom (the ADF) filed a lawsuit in Connecticut on behalf of some high school girl athletes in reference to the difficulty of competing with some transgender males (biological males who claim they are female). Terry Schilling, executive director of the D.C.-based American Principles Project, welcomes this lawsuit. He notes, “Every athlete deserves a fair chance to compete. This isn’t a difficult concept to understand. And yet in recent years, leftists have been pushing to throw this principle under the bus in their crusade to eliminate biological sex from law. Unfortunately, in Connecticut and elsewhere, girl athletes are the ones paying the price.” Schilling wrote a column on this issue for The Daily Caller. Terry Schilling joins Jerry Newcombe on Vocal Point to discuss the transgender issue and women’s athletics.


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