Vocal Point-Tim Head

Topic: The Rule of Law the Double Standard Today.

To the founders of America, the rule of law was paramount. When they declared independence from Great Britain (and dependence on God) in the Declaration of Independence, they appealed in effect to the rule of law. Read the document and we see a laundry list of 28 specific examples where the King had violated their rights as British subjects. But fast forward to today. We are clearly seeing a double standard when it comes to modern America. One standard for the right, another for the left. Tim Head, executive director of the Faith and Freedom Coalition, said recently, “Trust in America’s cornerstone institutions is careening out of control, and our justice system is no exception. President Trump’s indictment makes one thing clear: America’s top prosecutors have no issue distorting the rule of law for their own political purposes….Americans deserve better from our justice system.” Tim Head joins Jerry Newcombe to discuss today’s legal double standard on various issues, beginning with the Trump arraignment. www.ffcoalition.com