Vocal Point-Tom DeRosa

Topic: The “Chimp Man Myth”

Tom DeRosa, founder and director of Creation Studies Institute, recently wrote an article on “the Chimp Man Myth.” Tom, a former evolutionist, notes that some of the dissimilarities between men and chimps provide compelling evidence against the idea that we both evolved from the same ancestor. For example, writes DeRosa: “We stand up tall on two legs with two arms on our sides unlike any other animal on earth. Humans are unique in so many ways when it comes to anatomy. Evolutionary biology points to the chimpanzee as our nearest relative. Yet, for a chimp to be bipedal – walking on two legs like a human – every bone of its body would have to change to walk upright. There must be significant changes in order to form a new complete branch of a species identified as Homo sapiens for evolution to work.” Like the missing links which are still missing, the “evidence” for evolution falls short. Tom DeRosa joins Jerry Newcombe on Vocal Point to discuss chimps, men, and evolution. www.creationstudies.org