Vocal Point-Virginia Prodan

Topic: Socialism  (and Bernie Sanders)

Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, an avowed socialist, is drawing big crowds. The Washington Post (2/27/20) reports, “The thousands of people who showed up to a rally for Sen. Bernie Sanders… were all in for Sanders…’I think that this candidate represents the best chance for substantive change that I’ve seen in my lifetime,’ said Kristin Reed, 41, a Virginia Commonwealth University professor. ‘This is really not just an election. This is a movement.’” Virginia Prodan, originally from the Communist country of Romania, is disturbed by America’s seeming lurch toward socialism. She knows what life in a government-controlled economy is really like. In her book, Saving My Assassin, discussed in a previous Vocal Point segment, Virginia told her amazing story, including how God saved her life when the Romanian dictator sent an assassin against her. Virginia Prodan rejoins Jerry Newcombe on Vocal Point to warn Americans against the dangers of socialism. www.virginiaprodan.com