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Wow. By the grace of God, we now have a healthy granddaughter. Welcome to the world, Elizabeth! Here she is enjoying a day at the beach...here's mother, daughter, granddaughter and me

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Great new book, for which I wrote the Foreword---has 50 Jefferson docts never in print before- by Dr Mark Beliles - click for more info


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Dr. Andrew Abela-author on a catechism for business-on the Hobby Lobby case

Author Nabeel ("Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus") Quereshi

A medical doctor examines the crucifixion---Dr. Alan Whanger
[This interview of 2014 is predicated on the previous discussion with him: Dr. Alan Whanger, retired professor from Duke Medical Center on the Shroud of Turin
AUDIO OF INTERVIEW ON THE SHROUD OF TURIN-April 2013-part 1part 2part 3part4 ]

Author Rich ("Man's Rejection of God") Keller

Discovery Institute senior fellow John Wohlstetter on nuclear Iran


Former US Sen Jim DeMint, president of Heritage, 

Kevin Sorbo plays the lead in great movie, GOD'S NOT DEAD

Dr. Cal Beisner explains how Social Justice is not biblical

Ex-lesbian Anne Paulk talks about a nationwide ministry to homosexuals

Christian author Ed Cyzenski talks about UN-followers of Jesus

Charles Powell, co-author of NOT IN MY TOWN, discusses human trafficking

Wesley J. Smith speaking for half hour with  more on THE WAR ON HUMANS

Comedy for Christ? Christine Sneeringer & Brad Stine talk about this, part 1, pt 2

Wesley J. Smith on his new book, THE WAR ON HUMANS

Elayne Bennett, wife of Bill, talks about her book, DAUGHTERS IN DANGER

Byron Johnson of Baylor provides empirical research on positive results of church

Pat Williams gives some motivational thoughts based on Coach Wooden

Constitutional attorney Herb Titus addresses the HHS mandate

Discovery Institute's Scott Powell on Liberalism as a religion

North Am. Anglican Bishop Julian Dobbs on the persecution of Christians

Dr. Stephen Meyer, author of DARWIN'S DOUBT, on Intelligent Design

     ***Recent columns***
What would the framers say about evicting churches from schools?

"The Wedge Issue"---Reflections on World Vision

The Culture's Growing Acceptance of Same-Sex Marriage

Great new movie---"God's Not Dead"

Sorry, Bill Maher, but God is not a "psychotic mass murderer"

The real story behind a great hero of the ages---St. Patrick

Is it Really "God's Work" to Kill Babies, Mr. President?

What changed the Vikings

Are we winning or losing? A look at the world's most successful enterprise ever


***Here is me commenting on my volume, The Book That Made America***

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