Vocal Point-Dr. Eddie Moody Jr.

Sometimes working in the ministry can be discouraging. Dr. Eddie Moody, Jr. is a counselor and pastor. He has written a new book, First Aid for Your Ministry (Randall House). A description of the book states, “Ministry is hard everywhere and in every context. Dr. Moody understands the challenges faced by ministry leaders. He identifies the major threats to those who do ministry and addresses concerns related to the important work done by those who serve. Dr. Moody gives outstanding advice laced with biblical truth to help ministers persevere and not lose heart. He reminds us how ministry can be very rewarding. You may feel all alone in the struggles of ministry, but there is a way to be effective and fulfilled through service.” Dr. Eddie Moody, Jr. joins Jerry Newcombe on Vocal Point to discuss First Aid for Ministry. www.FirstAidforEmotionalHurts.com