Vocal Point-Dr. James S. Robbins

Topic: College isn’t what it used to be.

Recently, on many college campuses there have been pro-Palestinian, pro-Hamas rallies. Amazingly, these protests have come after the horrific attacks against Israeli men, women, children, even babies on October 7th. These pro-Hamas campus events are an amazing turn of events. Greg Gutfield, the late night Fox News commentator, pulled no punches on these college professors standing with Hamas: “Isn’t it time to focus on the indoctrinators, not just the indoctrinated? Because it’s the ones doing the brainwashing that matter most. Every day there’s another story about an Ivy League professor praising the murder of Jews. They live in such a bubble that they think those babies deserve to die because they’re oppressors.” Dr. James S. Robbins is an educator and the author of the excellent book, Erasing America: Losing Our Future by Destroying Our Past. Dr. James S. Robbins, who has written a lot for USA Today, joins Jerry Newcombe to discuss what is happening at too many colleges today. www.iwp.edu