Vocal Point-Dr. Matthew Mehan

How well are American students doing academically? Not great, according to a recent article in the US News and World Report. They write, “U.S. students performed slightly above average in reading and science, and slightly below average in mathematics, according to results from an international exam that show no significant improvement or decline since 2000 in reading, 2003 in math and 2006 in science….After those results were released, Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos, who has long bemoaned the U.S. performance on the exam, slammed the K-12 education establishment for allowing students to fall behind in math and reading without fully taking advantage of the types of ‘education freedom’ at the heart of the Trump administration’s agenda.” To unpack all this, Dr. Matthew Mehan of Hillsdale College joins Jerry Newcombe on Vocal Point. www.hillsdale.edu