Vocal Point-Dr. Paul Kengor

Topic: George H. W. Bush and Left-wing Hypocrisy

When our 41st president died earlier this month, thankfully, there was much bipartisan support and remembrance and honoring of his life. But, as historian, author, and professor at Grove City College, Dr. Paul Kengor, points out, such honoring of Bush-41 was not often the norm when he was in office. In a piece in the American Spectator, Kengor writes about how, back in 1992, Congresswoman Maxine Waters called then-President Bush a “racist.” Kengor notes, “Bush is canonized in death, as a momentary political saint for liberals, in order to further expose the current devil in the Oval Office. Saint George vs. Demon Donald. As they proceed with that handy narrative, however, we should pause to remind liberals that they vilified George H. W. Bush, as they did his son, as they did Reagan, as they did Nixon, and on and on. Yes, they even called George H. W. Bush a racist.” Dr. Paul Kengor joins Jerry Newcombe on Vocal Point to discuss Bush-41 and this example of left-wing hypocrisy. www.visionandvalues.org