Vocal Point-Dr. Peter Lillback

Topic: Political Correctness at GW’s Own Church.

In 2006, Dr. Peter Lillback and Jerry Newcombe joined forces to write a book on the Christian faith of George Washington. GEORGE WASHINGTON’S SACRED FIRE later became a bestseller because of Glenn Beck’s enthusiasm for it. Dr. Lillback and Dr. Newcombe have a series of dialogues recently (15-minutes each) on some aspect of George Washington’s faith. This segment is the latest in this series. This particular program addresses the story of how current leadership in the last church of George Washington’s life (where he attended for about 10 years)—Christ Church Episcopal in Alexandria, Virginia—has now voted to remove a marble plaque with Washington’s name on it. (Part of the reasoning was that the plaque was matched with one to another famous former parishioner, Robert E. Lee.)  Dr. Peter Lillback joins Jerry Newcombe to discuss this story and other calls to tear down historical statues in our time.  www.providenceforum.org

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