Vocal Point-Dr. Peter Lillback

Topic: The founders and the Bible. Dr. Peter Lillback is the president of Westminster Theological Seminary (Philadelphia). He is also the founder and president of Providence Forum, which is dedicated to helping Americans appreciate our history and in particular the critical role faith played in our founding. Dr. Lillback and Jerry Newcombe wrote a book together on the faith of our first president, George Washington’s Sacred Fire. This book became a national bestseller. The two authors put together 26 podcasts on the faith of George Washington from virtually every angle. Now begins a new series of podcasts with Dr. Peter Lillback and Jerry Newcombe on the faith of our founding fathers. The first in the new series deals with the Bible and the founders, in particular what is known as the Aitken Bible (named after Robert Aitken of Philadelphia). www.providenceforum.org

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