Vocal Point-Gary Scarano

Topic: The Jesus Gospel.

The Bible played a critical role in the founding of America. In the first 200 years, beginning in Jamestown in 1607, of America’s history, no book was to be found more frequently as the Bible. The Bible or Biblical teaching was the first textbook in our nation’s schools—again, for about the first 200 years. There are four individual Gospels in the Bible, not one uni-Gospel. Sometimes, it’s not always easy to harmonize the incidents and teachings in the Gospels. Gary Scarano has taken the time to integrate all 4 Gospels into one complete narrative, using the King James Version of the Bible. This is a work that has taken 33 years. Gary Scarano, author of “The Jesus Gospel,” joins Jerry Newcombe to discuss this undertaking. www.jesusgospel.com

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