Vocal Point-Jeff Bradford

Topic: The Pro-Live Movement, Should “Roe” Be Overturned.

What happens if “Roe v. Wade” gets overturned? Pinkston, a conservative communications group, writes: “It’s no secret pro-lifers are hopeful for what 2022 might hold; Roe v. Wade could be gone within months. But what would a post-Roe landscape look like? Jeff Bradford, president of Human Coalition, [comments on] what pro-lifers have been doing for years to prepare for this moment. Human Coalition operates in several states, reaching out to abortion-determined women and connecting them to the resources and care they need to choose life, walking with them every step of the way.” Jeff Bradford joins Jerry Newcombe to address this issue of life—the first right guaranteed by the Creator, as acknowledged in our national birth certificate, the Declaration of Independence. www.huco.org

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