Vocal Point-John Eidsmoe

Topic: Sam Adams.

One of the founding fathers that doesn’t get the attention he deserves is Sam Adams, who has often been called the lightning rod of the American Revolution. Many people today know his name because of Sam Adams beer, but according to some the image on the beer is not even his mug, so to speak. In any event, the real Sam Adams is worth learning about. A classic book on the Christian roots of America was first released in 1987 by law professor John Eidsmoe, entitled, Christianity and the Constitution. But today we are often told that the founders intended a “godless constitution.” Eidsmoe disagrees with that point. One of the chapters in that book is on Sam Adams. Col. John Eidsmoe joins Jerry Newcombe to discuss the important role of Sam Adams in the creation of our nation. www.morallaw.org