Topic: “The Commitment to America.”

Tim Head, the executive director of a group dedicated to mobilizing faith voters to the polls, issued a statement after conservatives in Congress released a statement called “The Commitment to America,” which pledges to promote a strong economy, a safe nation, freedom, and government accountability. Here is what Tim Head said, “The Faith & Freedom Coalition applauds the House GOP’s newly-announced ‘Commitment to America.’ At this pivotal moment in our nation’s history, our leaders must demonstrate their dedication to confronting America’s challenges with concrete solutions. Too many officials have abandoned their responsibility to address their constituents’ real needs in favor of embracing the Radical Left’s agenda, but we commend our Republican representatives for standing firm and tackling the underlying causes of those needs. The outlined commitments affirm that these leaders have a clear vision for achieving a strong, safe and free future for our country.” Tim Head joins Jerry Newcombe to discuss “The Commitment to America.”