Vocal Point-Tim Head

Topic: Election Integrity

The 2020 election was quite contentious. There are substantial lawsuits over it working their way through the courts, with major allegations of voter fraud. Mollie Hemingway of the Federalist noted that at minimum, we could say there were many voting “irregularities” in that election. Tim Head is the Executive Director of the Faith and Freedom Coalition, based in Georgia. The coalition worked hard to mobilize Christians and people of good will to get out and vote their biblical values during the recent elections. He argues that the “faith” voting block is as large as about a third of the voting electorate. Their goal is to increase the mobilization of the Christian vote. Meanwhile, election integrity as an issue is critical. Recently, the Supreme Court upheld an Arizona law for voter reform. And the left is quite upset. The New York Time’s Editorial Board wrote an opinion declaring (with much hyperbole), “The Supreme Court Abandons Voting Rights.” Tim Head joins Dr. Jerry Newcombe on Vocal Point to discuss election integrity, including issues like: ballot harvesting, cleaning up voter rolls, voter ID laws, chain of custody for vote-deposit boxes, and so on. www.ffcoalition.com